Your first massage?

Of course you are curious and maybe even a little nervous about what will happen before, during and after your massage.

It is preferable to avoid having a bigger meal just before the massage; likewise a stressful activity will prevent you from getting the most out of the massage. Some people even take a hot bath/shower before a full body massage.

Please arrive on time, not long before your appointment, since I am often giving another massage. We start by talking about your expectation of the massage. I will explain a bit about what I will do and why and how this will work on you. At this time, it is very important that you let me know, both if there is something you do not quite understand or something, you would rather not have me do. Remember, this is all about you.

While we are talking I will lay your sheet on the massage table, provide a blanket and then leave the room to wash my hands. While I am not in the room, you can undress behind the curtain, lie down on the table and cover yourself with the blanket. Some people prefer to completely undress, but it is up to you if you would like to keep some clothing on. The massage is done using oil directly on the skin, so clothing can be a disadvantage during the massage. Underpants are not a problem, although they may interfere some with the rhythm of the massage around the hips. But, since massage does not work on a client who is uncomfortable, this is your decision.

When the massage starts I move the blanket aside, massage and replace the blanket. If you would like another blanket, just ask. I also have small pillows to support your neck and legs available, if you need them.

Massage which is hurting does not work, so let me know straight away if anything I do hurts.

A full body massage usually includes legs, back, shoulders, neck, belly and arms. If there are areas you would like me to avoid, just say so. You do not need to give me any reason, but if it is because of my massage, it is helpful to me if you let me know, so that I can learn from that.

When the massage is over I ask you if there is any area you would like me to pay more attention to. It does not happen often that new clients feel that something is missing, but if you do, you need to tell me. I will then go over that again.

A result of getting a massage is that your body needs to rid itself of lots of toxins. So you need to drink extra water, even during the next day too. And if you get a headache during the day after the massage, think about whether you drank enough water.

What you need to remember:

You need to bring a sheet and a small towel to wipe of the last of the oil (rent for both kr. 20)

You need to cancel your appointment if you cannot make it (you can leave a message on the answer phone).

You need to participate actively in the massage by letting me know how it feels, either orally or by body language.

Do not arrive long before your appointment, as I am usually with another client.

You need to remember that one of the reasons for my low prices is that I do not accept Dankort (or any other cards).

 See you for a beneficial massage. 

Ole Gottliebsen