Ole Gottliebsen, Herredsvej 75,

8210 Århus V,

ph. 0045 21271570

Phone you may call any time, sms.

Treatments, full body

450 kr.

Partial body, duration max 45 min

340 kr.

Rent for a sheet

30 kr.


Payment in cash or check. I do not take Dankort (or any other plastic)


For the same price, I offer:

Fysiurgisk massage, full and part body massages with laser therapy as a supplement when treating injuries.


Laser therapy (low level laser therapy, LLLT) for treatment of injuries. Supplemented by fysiurgisk massage.


Connective Tissue Massage

Full body massage: from heal to neck, front and back.

Part body massage: upper or lower body.


Without additional cost, I am happy to supplement a treatment with the use of OMRON TENS electro therapy. When you make your appointment, you might like to let me know if you would like this. It is particularly good for local “injuries” such as a frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and the like.


Call, sms or mail to make an appointment. I prefer to give massages during the day, evening or on Saturdays. On Saturday I only do full body massages, and on Sundays all prices have 50% added, except when I suggest the time. My low prices are in part because I do not employ anyone to answer the phone at the clinic, so if there is no answer, please leave a message on the answer phone, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

For a massage, please bring a sheet and a small towel for wiping of excess oil.

To cancel an appointment, please leave a message on the answer phone.